Our Products include

Reliable Gas Choice offers small to medium sized businesses a simple and transparent way to know they are getting the best rates on natural gas each and every time they transact. Through our proprietary, industry-leading software platform, Reliable Gas Choice customers are connected with pre-qualified vendors ensuring that the best pricing available is backed by the strongest resources available. And, with online access to account information via the Reliable Energy secure web portal, Reliable Gas Choice customers have a clear and easy way to stay informed and on top of their natural gas purchase needs.
Reliable Gas Transportation offers large businesses a unique and customizable approach to wholesale energy procurement. Reliable Gas Transportation customers work one-on-one with a dedicated Reliable Energy agent in developing and implementing a natural gas purchasing strategy designed to meet with their specific objectives. Purchased gas supply is sourced through the industry’s leading producers, eliminating the counter-party risk associated with buying from a “middle-man”. All of this is supported by way of the Reliable Energy proprietary, custom software package, ensuring that Reliable Gas Transportation customers have detailed, accurate, and timely account information in an easy to understand format.
Reliable Electric Choice offers businesses of all sizes a way to take control of their cost for electricity. As with our natural gas products, the same principles of low cost, high security and premier service apply to Reliable Electric Choice. However, Reliable Electric Choice opportunities vary by state/region so please contact us to learn more about the availability of this product in your area.